5th & 6th October 2019


Flirt IntShow

29th August 2019


Red in Sweden







3rd August 2019


Newtownards Ch

22nd June 2019


Portadown Ch

15th June 2019


Swords Rasta and Flirt

12th May 2019

 Only the Mudi attended the Newtownards Open Show today. Thank you to the show and committee for their patience when we were running late!

IrCh Koves-berci Betyar Rege "Red" JunCh CJW'18 CW'18 AnCh'18

At her first time competing in the new class, Red was awarded Best Champion in Breed. From this class she is not able to compete for Best in Breed.


Nyirsegfia Philander "Flirt" JunCh CJW'19 CW'19 

Flirt from the Intermediate Bitch class, was awarded Best Bitch and Best of Breed. 

Thank you to our judge of the day Mr C. Martin for taking the time to go over both dogs!

20th May 2019

Delighted to announce that Flirt's MyDogDNA test results returned! She was clear of all genetic diseases in which they test for. Her Hips, Elbows and Patella will be complete in September of 2019 after she turns two years old. Until then, stay tuned!



20th April 2019

Rasta and Flirt came for the day out to show at the Combined Canine International


IntCh* IrCh Bokorszeri Guba CJW’17 CW’17’18’19 AnCh’18

1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog (CAC), CACIB, Best of Breed


Thank you to our judge Mr T. Pehar, who had also judged him two years ago at the same show! Always fantastic to have a judges opinion on a dog they judged as a Puppy.


Nyirsegfia Philander “Flirt” JunCh CJW’19 CW’19

1st Intermediate Bitch, Green Star (CAC) Bitch, CACIB, and finishing her day with Best of Breed.


This was Flirt’s first CACIB towards her international title, thank you to our judge Mr T. Pehar for his expert judging of the Mudi breed!


16th March 2019

Back home after a great first show of the year for the Regerastace team. Only Rasta and Flirt came with us, and despite the storms the team did great!

IntCh* IrCh Bokorszeri Guba CJW’17 CW’17’18 AnCh’17’18

Showed himself to 1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog, CACIB and Best of Breed! As this was the Celtic Winners he will now add CW’19 onto his name, defending it for the third year in a row!

Nyirsegfia Philander ‘Flirt’ 
Flirt wasn’t phased with having to attend a show without her friend Red, and after winning 1st Junior Bitch was awarded Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed! This was the final win she needed to become an Irish Junior Champion.. and in addition she also earned herself the titles CJW’19 and CW’19. Flirt will now be known as Nyirsegfia Philander ‘Flirt’ JunCh CJW’19 CW’19 pending IKC confirmation! 🖤

Thank you to our judge of the day Mr R. Hadzic for taking the time to go over both dogs

9th March 2019

Today we travelled to Tipperary in order to perform a TCI Breeding on our foundation Mudi, Red! (IrCh Koves-berci Betyar Rege "Red" JunCh CJW'18 CW'18 AnCh'18) She was bred to the wonderful Manti (IntCh Multi-Ch Mog-Ur's Mr Manticore "Manti" NW'13 SW'15 SVW'18 from Sweden using frozen sperm.


*Unfortunately, the breeding did not take, one of the risks of breeding dogs. We will try again*

5th February 2019

Happy 3rd Birthday to the hippo of the family! Spending her day with her best friends the Mudi and Rasta, and her favourite fish as a snack. This wonderful Komondor has grown into everything I could have hoped for and is an exceptional Komondor bitch. I hope that we will have a litter from her in the future when the timing is better!


IrCh Somogyi Betyar Venusz JunCh CJW'17 CW'17 


1st January 2019

The Regerastace team had another successful year throughout 2018, we finished with the Annual Champion Komondor and the Annual Champion Mudi. Defending their titles from 2017 Rasta, Bokorszeri Guba will now add AnCh'18 to his name while Red, Koves-berci Betyar Rege "Red will also add the AnCh'18 to hers. Congratulations to everyone else on a successful 2018!