December 3rd 2016

During the Antrim Open show (uk) Rasta- Bokorszeri Guba was awarded 1st place in the Open Dog/Bitch class, followed with a successful win for Best Dog. While Quinn- Somogyi Betyar Venusz topped her Junior Dog/Bitch class, going on to win Best Bitch! In the challenge Bokorszeri Guba was awarded the place of Best of Breed, thank you to our judge Mrs S. Biggerstaff-Moore (UK) for her lovely compliments and thinking so highly of both of my dogs!

31st October 2016

During the Bullbreeds Championship show, Bokorszeri Guba awarded Junior Dog, Green Star Dog (CAC) and later the Best of Breed placing! This was his first point towards his Irish Championship title. Somogyi Betyar Venusz was not to be outdone, winning the Green Star dog out of Puppy class. Thank you to our judge Mrs M. Wendland for making both Komondor first Irish Championship show a great and memorable experience!

October 17th & 18th 2016

A successful weekend at the IKC International shows. First in the ring was Bokorszeri Guba, where he was awarded Junior Dog, CAC, and the BOB. He was too young to receive the CACIB' on offer. Somogyi Betyar Venusz, Puppy Bitch, CAC, and reserve BOB, thank you to our judge Mr J. Opara for taking the time to go over the Komondors! On the second day, under judge Mr R. Oliveria, the dogs were highly awarded for a second day. Bokorseri Guba, Junior Dog, CAC, and BOB. Somogyi Betyar Venusz, Puppy Bitch, CAC, and reserve BOB. Thank you to the judges, show organisers and friends for making it such an enjoyable weekend for both young dogs first International Dog show!

September 25th 2016

During the Belfast Dog Show Society Championship show at 11 months Rasta showed himself well during the Any Variety Not Separately Classified (AVNSC) class to win the Reserve Challenge Certificate under judge Mr K. Young (UK), while Quinn took over to win the Best AVNSC Puppy under the UK Kennel Club and UK Judge Mr K. Young. This was both young dogs first Championship show where they presented themselves well and did us as a team proud!

August 24th 2016

Rasta tonight passed his Bronze award Canine Good Citizen assessment, completing the test alongside other dogs in a calm controlled manner. Thank you to the Belfast Dog Club for organising the test, and Alex Clyde for being the examiner!

August 14th 2016

Our newest addition and hopeful, promising foundation bitch Somogyi Betyar Venusz, otherwise known as 'Quinn' has safely arrived in Northern Ireland. We welcome her onto Irish ground after her long journey from Hungary, many thanks to her wonderful breeder Melinda Talpai for entrusting this bitch into our care. Even on the first night, she has bonded well with the other dogs and is eager to investigate the house and gardens, we look forward to seeing how this young bitch continues to grow and develop, and her hopeful future success in shows!

June 9th 2016

During the Komondor Fesztivál 2016 in Hungary, Somogyi Betyar Venusz was shown to Best Baby Puppy Bitch with a Very Promising grading, later being awarded Best Baby Puppy in Show from a nice lineup! Thank you to her judge Dr. Jakkel Tamas for thinking so highly of her, and to her breeder Melinda Talpai for handling her during the show for us! Results


May 29th 2016

At his first UK Open show during the AVNSC (any variety not separately classified) class Bokorszeri Guba (Imp Hun) was awarded Reserve in Open class at only 8 months old of age, a great show for his first UK outing where he as always did the Rastace name proud. Together we also placed 3rd during Junior Handling.

May 17th 2016

During the Match night held by the Welsh Corgi Club Bokorszeri Guba (Imp Hun) was awarded Best Beaten dog in a strong line up, at only eight months of age he is coming along beautifully, looking forward to seeing how this young dog continues to mature.

Rasta aged four months, arrived to Rastace in January 2016
Arrival Photo Rasta, 2016

January 22nd 2016

After the long wait, all of the planning has finally paid of. I am pleased to announce the arrival of Bokorszeri Guba, Rasta to Northern Ireland! After his long drive from Hungary he has quickly made himself at home, already a very confident young dog. We would like to thank his breeder Arpad Lappints for entrusting us with this very promising large boy, and friend Melinda Talpai for her assistance. Bokorszeri Guba is the first Komondor, and the beginning of our affix of Rastace (later changed to Regerastace).