All our dogs, both big and small live with us in the house, involved in everyday activities as part of the family. The dogs have access to outdoors whenever they please, and a room of their own to relax in should they choose to use it.


Komondor and Mudi both enjoy different activities everyday. We hike, run, train and compete! Our dogs are given not just physical, but mental work outs each day, two of our group favourites being balance training and offlead hiking.


We never cross breed any of our dogs, or any other breeds of dogs. We strive to preserve the breeds, neither Komondor nor Mudi are in need of out-crossing, their is a nice range of dogs available and COI is not high enough for us to consider crossing either breed. New registered dogs are permitted to enter the gene pool in their home country, Hungary. We strive to study pedigrees and work to maintain a healthy diversity within the breeds.


Before breeding all of our dogs are extensively health tested, in Komondor tests include Hip and Elbow x-rays, Patella test, eye testing, and Genetic DM testing. For Mudi the tests are similar, we use either mydogdna or embark for the genetic tests and all our dogs being imported are from lines which have remained at a lower risk of Epilepsy.


At Regerastace, none of our bitches are bred before they are a minimum of two years old. This is both to give us amble time to judge the quality of the dog and to allow her growth to finish, and all health testing to have been completed. Depending on the individual dog, some may not be bred until after three for the first time, and for any bitch who does not meet our expectations or of whom health testing do not return with promising results will never be bred. I firmly believe not all dogs should be bred for the sake of it or 'experiencing' a litter for themselves, I strive for quality breedings and finding the perfect stud for any bitch who is chosen to be bred.



We only breed from dogs who have a stable, sound temperament to prevent them from passing bad genetic behaviour onto their pups, when puppies are born they will have a quiet place where mum can raise them until they are ready to explore the rest of the house, gardens, and outdoor world. We never breed litters back to back with any of our bitches, preferring to give her a year to recover, this also allows us to see how her puppies grow and develop to ensure we are happy that our breeding goals are being reached in the progeny. While there are recent studies into breeding back to back it only concludes that it 'might' be better for the uterus, but that does not necessarily mean it is better for the dog. 


All puppies leave us with a contract to ensure that in the case of the owner not being able to care or provide for the dog at any point in its life for any reason that regardless of location or age, the dog will always be able to come back to Regerastace or have our support in finding them the perfect new forever home.