The King of All Dogs

Regerastace breeds following the FCI Standard for the Komondor.


 The most notable, distinct feature about the Komondor is their striking corded coat. The coat should be long, and corded all over. This includes the face, the face of a Komondor being Shown should never be shaved. On an adult Komondor (over two years) The coat should be as long as 28cm in places, while other parts may appear much smaller cords at 8cm, especially around the mouth/beard area. A combed or completely neglected coat should not be awarded in the conformation ring.

The Komondor has an aroma which demands they be treated with respect, he takes his job as a Guardian very seriously; He regards the family, property, land and flocks as his own, and will do what he must to protect them. He will not tolerate any other creature on his territory that does not belong, he is fearless. His nature is suspicious, aloof with strangers, intolerant of fools. In daylight, he takes pleasure in watching over the land he calls his own, while at night he patrols all that is his. In home, he will be happiest with his family in sight, often choosing to lie in a doorway to prevent any threats approaching those he calls his people.


The Komondor breed has always been bred to the same uniform standard, therefore faults are rare but do happen.