At Regerastace, the health of the dogs comes before all else. We believe all of our dogs should be able to live a happy, healthy, pain free life. We achieve this by carefully selecting dogs, extensively health testing them and ensuring they are fed on a suited balanced diet as they grow and into old age. While few, we aim to highlight any problems in either the Komondor or Mudi breed and educate the future owners about problems they may experience in the future with the breed of their choice. Thankfully Komondor and Mudi are typically healthy long living dog breeds, with Komondor living an average of 9 -12 years and the Mudi approximately 15.



For those who have active plans with their Mudi Green Lipped Mussel is an excellent addition to the diet!


In Komondor, as a minimum we test the Hips and Elbows for dysplasia, as well as having the Patella Luxation tested. We also complete Genetic testing and Annual eye exams. Our bloodlines and those used under our affix are also carefully examined and pedigrees studied, where we avoid any dogs with known issues, the main being Bloat or issues with the eyes such as Cataracts or Entropion, however we also look out for skin issues and known allergies. The Bite (teeth) are also of importance to us, we want a correct bite on all our breeding dogs and will not use a dog with an overbite/underbite. Any dog that fails health testing is not bred from, but remains in our home as part of the family.

Diet is an important factor to the growth and development of any dog, especially with giant dog breeds. I recommend a raw diet when possible or a cold pressed dog food, however when this is not readily available kibble with an average of 25% Protein is best. If feeding dry food tailored to Giant Breed Puppy it should be fed until 18-24 months of age, as the Komondor is a slow to mature breed. For optimal Joint Health I would supplement Glucosamine in both the growing and adult dog. 


For the Mudi, I am careful to choose dogs from lines that I know are uncommon for epilepsy to use in our breeding program. All Mudi as a minimum will be tested for Dysplasia of both the Hips and Elbows as well as Patella Luxation. Each dog in breeding will have an Annual eye exam. Genetically, we will be completing a full panel which will include Degenerative Myelopathy(DM) as there have been proven carriers of this in the breed, no known dog has been tested affected as of yet in the Mudi breed, but it is important to us to keep watch of this and any other potential health concern. (As of 2023, dogs have now tested affected for Degenerative Myelopathy.) In a breed often partaking in high impact sports it is vital that they are in the best physical health possible, no matter if they are going to Sporting, Working, Pet or Show homes.

Diet is important to overall health. I recommend a raw or cold pressed diet, however when this is not readily available a good brand puppy dry food will do well. Mudi are a relatively quick breed to reach maturity, they are often on adult food by 12 months of age, until then a medium breed puppy food is a good choice!

For those who have active plans with their Mudi Green Lipped Mussel is an excellent addition to the diet!