Our Dogs

Before breeding all of our dogs are fully health tested, exhibited, and temperaments are assessed for suitability.


Irish Champion

Regerastace Ancestral 

JunCh, CentCh, CenJW, CenW, CW'23


Irish Champion

Beszédes A Mudim Győző


Irish Champion

Regerastace Checkmate 



Regerastace Fossil



Irish Champion

 Regerastace Apex

JunCh, AnCh'22, CentCh  CenJW, CenW


Irish Champion

Nyirsegfia Philander "Flirt" JunCh, AnCh'19, CJW'19, CW'19


International & Irish Champion

Regerastace Authentic 

AnCh'22, CentCh, CenW, NTD


Irish Champion

Királytanyai Bűvös



Királytanyai Fate "Relic" JunCh, CenJW


Irish Champion

Csudacifra Gilice

JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC


Adolescent Dogs

Dogs found below are our future hopes! They are under 2 years old or not yet health tested.

Regerastace Debauchery

JunCh, CJW'24 CW'24


Regerastace Dove



Regerastace Embrace


Thanagar Pop Blossom


Co-own Dogs

Dogs found below are co-owned and do not live with me, but instead in partnership.

Regerastace Burrito JunCh, CenJW, CGC 


Retired Dogs

Dogs found below are Retired from our program / will not be breeding.

International & Irish Champion

Bokorszeri Guba

AnCh'17'18 CJW'17 CW'17'18'19


Irish Champion

Somogyi Betyar Venusz

JunCh, CJW'17, CW'17



Irish Champion

Regerastace Auspicious

 JunCh, CenJW, CenW, CW'23


Irish Champion

Köves-bérci Betyár Rege "Red" 

JunCh, AnCh'17'18, CJW'18, CW'18