Komondor Available

Komondor are large, active dogs, they will not be happy in a flat or without a garden to call their own. They are loyal and devoted, nothing will come between them and those they call their family. We ask you to please FILL IN THE QUESTIONS IN BLUE at the bottom of this page when sending in an application email to reserve or purchase a puppy from us.


Choosing a Komondor is a long term commitment,  approx. 13 years! Please ensure you are positive about your decision before adding a Komondor to your family.


Regerastace is located in Northern Ireland, we will help with transport when required, contact us for more information.


No Komondors currently available! Please check on our Breeding Plans page for news of future litters and contact us to find out more.

When you inquire about buying or reserving a puppy we would appreciate if you would answer these few questions for us, they will help us to determine the perfect puppy for you. There are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions:


About You & Komondor

1. Do you own any dogs currently, or have you in the past?:

2. Any prior experience with Komondor or other livestock guardians?:

3. How did you find out about the Komondor breed?:

4. Why have you chosen to welcome a Komondor into your home?:

5. What are your plans for the Puppy? Will they be a Pet, for Show, or for Work?:

6. Do you have a preference on if puppy is Male or Female?:

7. Where are you located?: