Regerastace Litter "E"


Litter between..

 Hávi x Red

IrCh Beszédes A Mudim Győző AnCh'23



IrCh Köves-bérci Betyár Rege "Red"  JunCh AnCh'17'18 CJW'18 CW'18 


Date of Birth: 16/12/2023

1 Dog, 5 Bitches

6 Black

6 Long tailed

COI: 2.5% 







We are proud to announce the safe arrival of our Litter "E"!  This is Red's final litter and we are so delighted with this special crossing. Both parents have friendly, open temperaments and are themselves Champions. Red in her three litters is a Producer of 10+ Champions and multi Best in Show winners between Europe and USA, not to mention the fantastic pets she has provided to the lucky homes. We are very excited to watch this litter grow to their full potential!




Orange Girl - Regerastace Europa - USA

Purple Girl - Regerastace Édeskés- Canada

Pink Girl - Regerastace Ermione - UK

Blue Boy - Regerastace Eros - USA

Green Girl - Regerastace Embrace - Northern Ireland 

Possibly available to show home.

Red Girl - Regerastace Enigma - Poland