Királytanyai Bűvös

Rubik is our next Hungarian Import from Kiralytanyai kennels. Rubik has a different pedigree background to our other dogs so we are excited about the possibilities for her when older. Rubik is the sweetest, most friendly Mudi we have met, she eagerly greets new people without hesitation and determined to make friends with every new dog she meets. Rubik is very food driven, she will play with toys but prefers food. 

Date of Birth: 8th July 2020 | 08/07/20



Health Testing

All tests are complete on our Mudi starting after they become 24 months, including Hips, Elbows, Patella Luxation, DM and  more.

Hips: under 24 months

Elbows: under 24 months

Patella Luxation: under 24 months




Show Results

So far, Rubik has been awarded;



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