Csudacifra Gilice JunCh


Vibe is a Hungarian import from the Csudacifra kennel. Vibe's breeding was geared towards work / Herding.  Vibe's dam, Cigle, is the first Herding Hungarian Champion and one of the most respected herding Mudi within the breed. During her initial evaluation and further experience in Hungary Vibe showed great promise with working stock- we hope to be able to help preserve the working ability of Mudi with Vibe's help. As for temperament- Vibe is a fun loving girl! She settles well in all environments and can be trusted offlead anywhere we go. Vibe is eager to work with her handler and please them. She is a very high food drive dog with medium-high toy drive. Vibe is very quick to learn new tricks and loves to show them off to anyone in exchange for attention! We often describe Vibe as being an old soul in a young body, she is the kind of dog who has been here and done it all before. 

Date of Birth: 20th May 2021 | 20/05/21

 Height: 41.5cm


Health Testing

All tests are complete on our Mudi starting after they become 24 months, including Hips, Elbows, Patella Luxation, DM and  more.

Hips: under 24 months

Elbows: under 24 months

Patella Luxation: under 24 months


DNA:  http://embk.me/csudacifragilice?utm_campaign=cns_ref_dog_pub_profile&utm_medium=other&utm_source=embark


Show Results

So far, Vibe has been awarded;


1 x Group 4


5 x Best of Breed

2 x Reserve Best of Breed

4 x Green Star

2 x Reserve Green Star




Date Show Results Class Judge
08/05/2022. Newtownards Open Show   Junior, BB, Best of Breed, Group 4th Junior  Ms P. Magee (IRE)
09/07/2022  Portadown Championship  Junior, Green Star (CAC), Best of Breed  Junior  Mr D. Gaffney (IRE) 
 30/07/2022 Newtownards Championship Junior, Green Star (CAC), Best of Breed  Junior  Mrs C. Mulcahy (IRE) 
31/07/2022 Dun Laoghaire Championship Junior, Reserve GS/CAC, Reserve BOB Junior Mrs K. Mc Devitt (IRE)
06/08/2022  Coleraine Championship  Junior, Green Star (CAC), Best of Breed Junior  Mrs M. Magill (IRE) 
03/09/2022 Bangor Championship Junior, Green Star (CAC), Best of Breed   Junior Mrs A. McNally (N.IRE) 
04/09/2022  Banbridge Championship  Junior, Reserve GS/CAC, Reserve BOB  Junior  Mr D. Pajkic (SER) 
 02/10/2022 IKC Centenary National  1st Beginners Obedience* Beginners Mr P. Heights 
22/10/2022  Cloghran Championship

1st Beginners Obedience


Ms R. Kilbride
     2nd / 28 Special Beginners Crufts Q SB   
19/12/2022 Lisburn&District Obedience  2nd Beginners Obedience Beginners Mrs M. Ring

Sire: Sarahazi Utem 


Dam: Szürkevillám Úrnő "Cigle"