Csudacifra Gilice

Vibe is a Hungarian import from the Csudacifra kennel. Vibe's breeding was done geared towards work / Herding.  Vibe's dam, Cigle, is the first Herding Hungarian Champion and one of the most respected herding Mudi. During her initial evaluation and further experience in Hungary Vibe showed great promise with working stock- we hope to be able to help preserve the working ability of Mudi with Vibe's help. As for temperament- Vibe is a fun loving girl! More will be written soon.

Date of Birth: 20th May 2021 | 20/05/21



Health Testing

All tests are complete on our Mudi starting after they become 24 months, including Hips, Elbows, Patella Luxation, DM and  more.

Hips: under 24 months

Elbows: under 24 months

Patella Luxation: under 24 months


DNA:  -Pending


Show Results

So far, Vibe has been awarded;



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Dam: Szürkevillám Úrnő "Cigle"

Sire: Sarahazi Utem 



COI: 1.4%