Regerastace Litter "F"

breeding between... 

 Baza x Relic

Csudacifra Délceg 


Királytanyai Fate "Relic" JunCh, Cen JW


Date of Birth: 21/02/2024

Genders: 3 Dogs, 5 Bitches

Colours: 2 Black, 2 Brown, 1 Black Merle, 3 Brown Merle

Tails: 4 Long Tail, 4 NBT

COI: 8.1%






The bundles of joy have made their appearance! Relic has been a fantastic, attentive mother who from the early weeks has brought her toys into the puppies awaiting them to be able to play with her! Everyone is growing well and we are looking forward to the coming weeks of raising these super puppies!





Blue Boy - Regerastace Fearless - France

Purple Girl - Regerastace Firecracker - France

Yellow Girl - Regerastace Firefly - Scotland

Green Boy - Regerastace Fossil - Northern Ireland 

Brown Girl - Regerastace Firecrown - USA 

Pink Girl - Regerastace Fairytale - Ireland

Orange Girl - Regerastace Forte - USA

Red Boy - Regerastace Fuel - UK