About Us

Komondor, Rasta with Mudi, Red. Quinn behind.
Komondor, Rasta with Mudi, Red. Quinn behind.
Me and my family have always had an interest in dogs, we first had border collies as companions. In the past I have worked in Boarding Kennels & Cattery and Quarantine Kennels, I then focused on dog behaviour and grooming, which is the area I still enjoy today. I have always enjoyed studying dog genetics, breeding practices, health and what makes each breed of dog so different in much more than just appearance.. A type I find myself especially interested in is livestock guardians. Their devoted, confident nature that does not ask, but demands respect is something I admire about the breeds who find themselves in this category. It was not until January of 2016 that I imported my first Komondor, making him the foundation to our affix Regerastace.


My interest in dogs varies greatly, I believe dogs should display the instincts they were bred to do just as much if not more than they are able to preform in the show ring. With my dogs I enjoy taking part in a range of sports from Agility, Herding, Flyball, Canicross, Working Trials, Rally, Obedience and many more. All our Komondor and Mudi also take part in Conformation, travelling across Ireland, UK and Europe to attend shows.


As far as Breed of dogs are concerned, my main interests are in the Hungarian dog breeds. There is something captivating about them, namely the Komondor and Mudi that always drew me back, they are breeds who even today have not lost their working ability, and therefore it is these two named breeds where I currently have most my focus. It was not until January of 2016 that our first Komondor made his arrival from Hungary, making him (Bokorszeri Guba) the foundation dog to our affix of 'Regerastace'. He was followed in August of 2016 by Quinn (Somogyi Betyar Venusz) who was also imported from Hungary. The first Mudi to join us in Ireland was Red (Koves-berci Betyar Rege "Red") who arrived here in February of 2017.


Regerastace was chosen through a combination of our dogs names, 'Rege' being the registered name of my foundation Mudi bitch, Rasta being the foundation dog and Komondor to my program, and Ace the Border Collie having been my first dog who I owned by myself, who has sadly now passed. Regerastace was founded in Ireland in January of 2016, originally beginning with only the Komondor breed when 'Rasta' (Bokorszeri Guba) arrived from Hungary after a long search and wait looking for the right Komondor for us. Our foundation Bitch Somogyi Betyar Venusz arrived in August of the same year. By Febuary of 2017 we had added our first foundation Mudi bitch, 'Red' to our pack.