2023 Highlights 

New Champions!

Mudi: Tarot, International Champion

Vibe, Irish Champion

International & Irish Champion 

Regerastace Authentic

 AnCh'2022, CentCh, CenW, NTD



Irish Champion

Csudacifra Gilice

JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC

Regerastace Burrito

JunCh, CenJW, CGC

Winner of CGC Stakes

Crufts Qualifed Obedience 2024


Irish Champion

Csudacifra Gilice

JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC

Obtained Beg,EX title,

Won into Novice FCI Obedience

Irish Champion

 Regerastace Auspicious

JunCh Cen JW, CEN W, CW'23

Won 4th & 6th Pre-B Obedience

First Komondor to Compete in Obedience within Ireland

16th December 2023

Litter Link HERE

Litter between..

 Hávi x Red

IrCh Beszédes A Mudim Győző AnCh'23


IrCh Köves-bérci Betyár Rege "Red"  JunCh AnCh'17'18 CJW'18 CW'18 


Date of Birth: 16/12/2023

1 Dog, 5 Bitches

6 Black

6 Long tailed


COI: 2.5% 




15th October 2023

Our team had a super day out at Lisburn and District Obedience Show! Held under UK Rules/ Guidelines.

In Pre-Beginners

IrCh Csudacifra Gilice JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC

1st with a beautiful Clear Round! 

Regerastace Burrito JunCh, CenJW 


IrCh Regerastace Auspicious JunCh, CenJW, CenW, CW'23


Thank you to judge Mrs H. Boyde!

In Beginners

IrCh Csudacifra Gilice JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC


Regerastace Burrito JunCh, CenJW 


Thank you to judge Mr M. McCartney!


27th October 2023

The spicy girl does it! Salsa, with her co-owner Emma, have won the Special Canine Good Citizen Stakes and will be representing Northern Ireland and the Mudi Breed at Crufts 2024!!! We are so excited for this team and cannot wait to support them. With this, Salsa will be the first Mudi to represent the breed in the Obedience rings at Crufts!



Regerastace Burrito JunCh, CenJW 

1st out of 23




17th September 2023


We would like to welcome our newest Guest to our Kennel!

 Csudacifra Délceg


 Baza comes to us from Hungary, he will remain here for a few months before flying to his new owner, Heather Clarkson of Thanagar Mudi in USA. In Hungary Baza was a working farm dog on sheep. He has a wonderful distribution and has settled into being an indoor dog beautifully! We are excited for this partnership between breeders and what the future holds for this promising boy.

17th June 2023

Another double of fantastic Hip and Elbow scores for our girls! It was Relic and Vibe's turn to undergo testing, and now their health results are officially as follows:


IrCh Csudacifra Gilice JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC

Hips: BVA 2/4 = 6 / A

Elbows: 0/0

Patella Luxation: 0/0

Eyes: Clear 2023

DNA: Clear Embark


Királytanyai Fate "Relic" JunCh, Cen JW

Hips: BVA 2/4 = 6 / A

Elbows: 0/0

Patella Luxation: 0/0

Eyes: Clear 2023

DNA: Clear Embark



10th June 2023

Celtic Winners International was a day for the Brother Sister Komondor Duo!! 

IrCh Regerastace Ancestral JunCh, CentCh, Cen JW, CEN W CW'23

1st Champion Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB,

Celtic Winner 2023


IrCh Regerastace Auspicious JunCh Cen JW, CEN W, CW'23

1st Champion Bitch, CAC, CACIB, RBOB

Celtic Winner 2023



10th June 2023


 The long anticipated Flirt x Havi litter has arrived! After having two failed frozen attempts with stud dogs from Hungary for Flirt we are delighted to have had a successful natural litter with her.



breeding between...


IrCh Beszédes A Mudim Győző


IrCh Nyirsegfia Philander "Flirt" JunCh AnCh'19 CJW'19 CW'19



Date of Birth: 17/05/2023

Genders: 3 Dogs, 3 Bitches

Colour: Black

Tails: 5 Long Tail, 1 NBT

COI: 3.7%



10th April 2023

We attended our first Weightpull & Athletics Event!

Toome Athletic & Weightpull




IrCh Regerastace Ancestral JunCh, CentCh, Cen JW, CEN W CW'23

1st Heavyweight 

Irelands Strongest Heavyweight 2023


Királytanyai Fate "Relic" JunCh, Cen JW

1st Minature Weightpull

Irelands Strongest Small Dog 2023




IrCh Csudacifra Gilice JunCh, Beg.EX, CGC

Reserve High Jump Medium


Királytanyai Fate "Relic" JunCh, Cen JW

3rd Long Jump Smalls


3rd February 2023


 Our C litter has arrived! This is both parents first litter, and Rubik is a fantastic attentive mother who is delighted to have her own puppies to care for instead of watching others!



breeding between...


IrCh Beszédes A Mudim Győző


IrCh Királytanyai Bűvös CW'22




Date of Birth: 03/02/2023

Genders: 4 Dogs, 1 Bitches

Colours: 4 Fawn, 1 Black

COI: 4.4% 





2022 Highlights 


Annual Champion Komondor & Mudi 2023!!

Top Breeder Komondor & Mudi 2023!!!

Irish Champion

 Regerastace Authentic

AnCh'22, CentCh, CenW, NTD



Annual Champion Mudi 2023


Irish Champion

Regerastace Apex

JunCh, AnCh'22, CentCh  CenJW, CenW



Annual Champion Komondor 2023


New Irish Champions!

Mudi: Tarot & Rubik

Irish Champion

 Regerastace Authentic 

Irish Champion

 Kiralytanyai Buvos

 New Irish & Junior Champions!

Komondors: Guba, Orca, Sting

Irish Champion

Regerastace Ancestral


Irish Champion

Regerastace Apex


Irish Champion

 Regerastace Auspicious


 New Junior Champions!

Mudi: Relic and Vibe

Kiralytanyai Fate 'Relic' JunCh

Csudacifa Gilice JunCh

1st & 2nd October 2022



The Celebration Centenary shows for the 100th Year of Irish Kennel Club, he busiest show weekend we have ever had! With 6 Dogs, 3 Komondor & 3 Mudi entered both days, the main results were as follows:


Regerastace Ancestral - Best Male, Best of Breed both

Regerastace Apex - Best Bitch, RBOB Day 1

Regerastace Auspicious - Best Bitch, RBOB Day 2


Regerastace Authentic - Best Bitch, Best of Breed both

Regerastace Burrito - Best Junior, RBOB Day 1

Kiralytanyai Fate "Relic" - Best Junior, RBOB Day 2

22nd June 2022



The Mudi's first time at Westminster! We are so proud that Ava, Regerastace Avaleen, was in attendance with her owner Margaret Pontillo.

Ava was awarded an Award of Merit and represented the breed so well throughout.

10th January 2022



Today we had Rubik and Tarot's Hips and elbows x-rayed and sent away for scoring! I wanted to take the opportunity to once again stress the importance of health testing in our dogs, particularly those that it is hoped to use in breeding. Before you consider any breeder or pairing, please ensure at least the minimum recommended health testing for the breed has been completed. At Regerastace we do Hips, Elbows, Patella Luxation, DNA and Annual Eyes on each of our dogs.




Hips: 3/3 / A/A Elbows: 0/0

Patella Luxation: 0/0 Eyes: CLEAR 2022 



Hips: 3/5 / A/A Elbows: 0/0


Patella Luxation: 0/0 Eyes: CLEAR 2022

(Above, Tarot, Regerastace Authentic, Hip x-ray.)