Komondor Litter "a"

Komondor litter between

Quinn x Rasta

More information on the parents can be found below on their individual pages-

Dam: Quinn

Sire: Rasta


Date of Birth: 21st June 2021

5 Girls, 5 Boys


After a long labor which lasted over 24hrs, Quinn naturally delivered a large litter of 14 puppies. Unfortunately four were born sleeping, so the final count live puppies was 10.





Each puppy will be individually DNA tested at 3 weeks old to determine if the father is Manti or Griffin. Results will be made public.


Pink and Yellow were born sharing a placenta, making them identical twins. We look forward to watching each of these puppies grow!

Purple Girl - Regerastace Apex  - Toni Saunders N.Ireland

Blue Boy - Regerastace -  Samuel Diggins UK

Yellow Girl - Regerastace -  - Toni Saunders N. Ireland

Green Boy - Regerastace -  Toni Saunders N. Ireland

Orange Girl - Regerastace -  - owner

Pink Girl - Regerastace -  - owner

Red Boy - Regerastace -  - owner

Gray Boy - Regerastace -  - owner

Brown Boy - Regerastace -  Nigel UK

Aqua Girl - Regerastace -  Katie Bilko UK