Komondor Litter "a"

Komondor litter between

Quinn x Rasta

More information on the parents can be found below on their individual pages-

Dam: Quinn - IrCh Somogyi Betyar Venusz JunCh CJW'17 CW'17

Sire: Rasta - IntCh IrCh Bokorszeri Guba CJW'17 CW'17'18'19 AnCh'18'19


Date of Birth: 21st June 2021

5 Girls, 5 Boys


After a long labor which lasted over 24hrs, Quinn naturally delivered a large litter of 14 puppies. Unfortunately four were born sleeping, so the final count live puppies was 10.





Three of the puppies from this litter stayed here with us. The puppies who stayed here were:

Purple girl, now known as Regerastace Apex 'Orca'

Green boy, now known as Regerastace Ancestral 'Guba'

Yellow girl, now known as Regerastace Auspicious 'Sting'


We hope to continue to promote and preserve the breed with the help of bred by kept puppies.



Purple Girl - Regerastace Apex  - Toni Saunders , N.Ireland

Blue Boy - Regerastace Aficionado  -  Samuel Diggins , UK

Yellow Girl - Regerastace Auspicious  - Toni Saunders , N. Ireland

Green Boy - Regerastace Ancestral - Toni Saunders , N. Ireland

Orange Girl - Regerastace Alliance  - Dr. Robert , Brazil

Pink Girl - Regerastace Amoretto  - Amanda Meir , UK

Red Boy - Regerastace Adagio  - Toni Isden , UK

Gray Boy - Regerastace Alpine  - Xavier Hopskins , UK

Brown Boy - Regerastace Anagram -  Nigel Callaghan , UK

Aqua Girl - Regerastace Aphrodite -  Katie Bilko , UK