Irish Champion

 Somogyi Betyar Venusz

JunCh CJW'17 CW'17 (Imp Hun)


Quinn is the promising foundation Bitch to our program. She was imported by me from Hungary at six months old, I particularly liked this females bloodlines as she comes from many Health Tested Champions, and with health being so important I looked forward to welcoming her into my home. It didn't take long before Quinn showed her affectionate loving side to the family. This Komondor loves attention from those she regards as 'her' people, she takes every chance she sees to be petted or given attention, and is always very enthusiastic in everything that she does.. Quinn enjoys to join the mudi in obedience training, unlike a typical komondor and in our spare time we practice rally, she aims to please although it must always be seen as a game. She does not take training too seriously, and should you ask her to do something she does not want to do at that moment the Komondor will kick in and she will walk away and leave you without. Quinn is an exceptionally good watchdog, she has proven herself very effective in deterring intruders and is always very aware of her surroundings.

Quinn measures 79cm at the withers so is a pleasantly Large Komondor, especially for a Bitch.  She loves the company of those she calls her own, and enjoys to be with the family in the house or with me on off-lead hikes, This girl is especially good with other familiar dogs and adjusts her play even for those much smaller than her. Quinn has a very caring devoted nature, highly respects her owners yet naturally suspicious of strangers, and a dog who does not demand, but rather requests respect.

We are very hopeful that in the future once health testing has been complete that Quinn will produce puppies who are equally as large and balanced in type as she is.


Date Of Birth: 5th February 2016 | 05/02/2016


 Health Testing

Hips : 7/7 -  B Hips

Elbows : 0/0

Patella Luxation : 0/0 

Genetics: DM - CLEAR

Show Results

So far, Quinn has been awarded;

Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Komondor Festival 2016 Hungary


2 x Best of Breed

10 x Reserve Best of Breed

8 x CAC

5 x Best Puppy of Breed

2x Best Baby Puppy of Breed


Irish Champion

Irish Junior Champion

Celtic Winner 2017

Celtic Junior Winner 2017


Crufts Qualified 2017, 2018

Qualified for Life


Date Show Results Class Judge
25/09/16 Belfast Dog Show Society Best AVNSC Puppy Puppy  Mr K. Young (UK)
31/10/16 Bullbreeds Championship Puppy Bitch, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Puppy Mrs M. Wendland (IRE)
17/10/16 IKC Internationals Day 1 Puppy Bitch, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Puppy Mr J. Opara (POL)
18/10/16 IKC Internationals Day 2 Puppy Bitch, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Puppy Mr R. Oliveria (PRT)
03/12/16 Antrim and District Open Show Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch, RBOB Puppy Mrs S. Biggerstaff-Moore (UK)
25/02/17 All Terrier All Breed Open Show Junior Bitch, Best Bitch, RBOB Junior Mr J. Gallagher (IRE)
18/03/17 IKC Celtic Winners International Best Junior Bitch, CJW'17, BB, CW'17, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Junior Mrs H. Hegarty (IRE)
25/03/17 Minority Breeds Open Junior Bitch, BB, RBOB Junior Mrs A. Small (IRE)
01/04/17 Banbridge Championship Junior Bitch, Green Star (CAC), BOB Junior Mr F. Cochetti (ITA)
16/04/17 Combined Canine Club National Junior Bitch, Green Star (CAC) RBOB Junior Ms A. Albrigo (IRE)
20/05/17 Newtownards & District Open Junior Bitch, Best Bitch, BOB Junior Miss B. Evans (NI)
18/06/17 BSD Group 1&2 Championship Junior Bitch, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Junior Mr B. Skalin (SWE)
25/06/17  Deise Championship Junior Bitch, Green Star (CAC), RBOB Junior Ms. M. C. Walsh (IRE)



Dam: Somogyi Betyar Venusz

Sire: Bokorszeri Cudar