IrCh Regerastace Auspicious JunCh Cen JW, CEN W


Sting is the crazy puppy in the house! Sting often acts like the Mudi and loves to initiate play with everyone and anyone who will entertain her! Sting, unlike many Komondor, has never met a stranger and will happily greet all people and new dogs with a happy disposition. Sting loves attention and is a true comedian in all that she does, she earned her name for being such a mouthy puppy while growing up. Sting loves to be involved and eagerly tries to join in regardless of the occasion. She is engaging when learning new tricks and still is the forever happy puppy who just wants to get to know everyone. Sting absolutely loves to swim, whether than be in the ocean or rivers, she is always eager to come with me when she sees me leaving the house and approaches every situation with a wagging tail and plenty of excitement.

Date Of Birth: 21st June 2021 | 21/06/21


 Health Testing

Hips : Complete after 24 months

Elbows : Complete after 24 months

Patella Luxation :  Complete after 24 months

Genetics: Clear by Parentage / awaiting Embark

Show Results

So far, Sting has been awarded;


 - 9 x Best of Breed

- 3 x Reserve Best of Breed

- 1 x BOB Champion Open Show

- 1 x CACIB

- 11 x Green Star / CAC

 6th Pre-Beginners Obedience




Centenary Winner 2022

Centenary Junior Winner 2022

Date Show Results Class Judge
01/05/2022  South Tipperary Championship Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, RBOB Junior Mrs M. Spink (IRE)
21/05/2022  BSD Club Group Championship  Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, RBOB   Junior Mrs M. McNally (IRE) 
22/05/2022  Navan Championship  Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, Best of Breed  Junior Mrs A. Foley-Duggan (IRE) 
04/06/2022  Munster Canine Championship  Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, Best of Breed Junior  Mr A. Kelly (IRE) 
05/06/2022  Cork & District Championship  Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, Best of Breed  Junior  Mr V. Baranauska (LIT) 
 16/07/2022 Sligo & District Championship  Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, Best of Breed   Junior Mr K. Vigso Nielson (DEN) 
 25/09/2022 Belfast Dog Show Society Championship (UK) Junior Bitch, Best Bitch, Reserve Best of Breed  Junior Mr D. Cox
02/10/2022  IKC Centenary National

 Junior Bitch, GS/CAC, Best of Breed

Centenary Winner 2022

Centenary Junior Winner 2022

Junior Mr. A. Garach Domech (SPA)
 19/12/2022 Lisburn&District Obedience  6th Pre-Beginners  Pre-Beginners Mrs A. Pell 
26/03/2023   Sligo Open Show 1st Champion Bitch, BOBC  Champion  Mr D. Alford (Ire) 
08/04/2023  Combined Canine International  Champion Bitch, GS/CAC, CACIB, BOB   Champion  Mr R. Kotlar (HUN)
09/04/2023  Combined Canine National  Champion Bitch, GS/CAC, BOB  Champion   Mrs M J. Melchior (LUX)
06/05/2023  Portadown Championship  Champion Bitch, GS/CAC, BOB   Champion Mr W. Dobbin (IRE) 
07/05/2023 Banbridge Championship Champion Bitch, GS/CAC, BOB Champion Mrs L. Zizevske (LIT)



Dam: Somogyi Betyar Venusz

Sire: Bokorszeri Guba

Litter Page: HERE