2021 Highlights 

AKC CH Regerastace Avaleen


Owner: Margaret Pontillo

AKC CH Regerastace Amazon


Owner: Mandy Moore

UKC CH Regerastace Arya


Owner: Beth Vincent

13th November 2021



The first show back at the Irish Kennel Club since COVID and the dogs had a great day out at Leopardstown Racecourse!


Kiralytanyai Buvos

Open Bitch, Green Star Bitch, Best of Breed


Regerastace Ancestral

Best Baby Puppy in Breed

27th October 2021


Vibe arrived home from Hungary! 

Csudacifra Gilice


Vibe is bred by Istvan Heczendorfer from his bitch, Szürkevillám Úrnő "Cigle". Cigle is reknown for her herding ability and wins, and this litter was done with working in mind. We are so excited with this newest addition to our family and excited for the future!

Huge thank you to our good friend, Anita Orvos for minding Vibe during her extra time in Hungary.

6th September 2021



Relic joins the family!

Kiralytanyai Fate "Relic"


Relic is our second Kiralytanyai import from Hungary. Relic was a less expected addition. Our plan had been and we did import frozen semen from Relic's father, Zseb Satu. When we heard he had had this litter with Kiralytanyai Jade and there was a exceptional puppy within the litter, we couldn't say no to the high recommendations the puppy came with. 

21st June 2021


Regerastace after many years of breed involvement welcomed their first litter of Komondor to the world! 




IntCh IrCh Bokorszeri Guba CJW'17 CW'17'18'19 AnCh'18'19


 IrCh Somogyi Betyar Venusz unCh CJW'17 CW'17

27th October 2020


After a long wait and a lot of planning, our newest addition has arrived safely! We would like to proudly introduce everyone to SHOW NAME "Rubik". Rubik is another Hungarian import girl, she has already settled in and is just so full of confidence in herself. We look forward to having this girl grow with us!

25th October 2020



The beautiful Ava, Regerastace Avaleen has had an extremely successful few days of showing!! Ava is flying the Mudi flag high and after taking BOB and Group 1st, even succeeded in taking UKC Best in Show!  We are so proud of this puppy and all her and owner Margaret Pontillo have achieved so far, Ava is certainly one to watch and has proven herself to be quite the show and sport dog already at only 10 months, she will only continue to get better with age.

Ava is from our "A" litter, Red x Manti

4th October 2020


At her first show Arya led the way to take the Best Bitch and followed it with a Best of Breed, so proud of the temperaments each puppy from our A litter is showing and despite the delay due to COVID of getting to compete, they are all coming out with confidence. Congratulations to owner Beth Vincent!


Arya is from our "A" litter, Red x Manti

7th August 2020


Regerastace Avaleen is the first of the puppies to attend a show thanks to COVID cancelling most. On her first outing, Ava did fantastic with Best Bitch between 2, and following it with Best of Breed over the boys! Second show, Ava was Best of Sex. So proud of this girl and her owner Margaret Pontillo, thank you to the judge for showing this puppy the fun of showing!


Ava is from our "A" litter, Red x Manti

27th February 2020


The day I both looked forward to and dreaded finally arrived and it was time for Prime, Arya, Ava and Aska from my Regerastace "A" litter to start their journeys to their new homes and lives. While I rest assured that they will be loved and treasured, I hate knowing I will not be the one able to watch each grow! Good luck to all the puppies in their new homes and I hope to meet you all again in the future!!

15th February 2020

Tesla and Atira (Green boy and Yellow girl) began their journeys to their new homes.

I loved them first. From the second they were born I loved them like they were my own. I watched them grow and nurtured them, slept beside them every night and cuddled them when cold.

I reassured them when needed, and showed them the world in a positive light. I spent hours listening to fire engines, barking dogs, city sounds and cars to prepare these puppies for the noises they would soon here. I spent more on toys and interactive objects than I will ever admit, I watched as they used the tunnel and wobbleboard for the first time, and celebrated with them when they succeeded. I showed them that they have options, and if they didn’t feel comfortable? Fine, we will try something easier and work up towards our goal! I introduced them to their first flavours- chicken, tripe, beef, turkey, duck and more, I showed them the world has more than one food type for them to try. I brought the old, young, male and female, deep voiced and soft voiced people to meet them and show them that humans are a fun species. I watched in excitement when they first began their ‘zoomies’ and laughed when they first learnt to bark. I spent countless hours trying to get the perfect photos of them, hoping that their future owners would see all the promise and potential that the puppy had, trying to capture their personalities and best sides in every shot. I made sure every single puppy had 1x1 time to learn not to depend only on their littermates. I poured my heart and soul into every one of these puppies to ensure they all go home with the foundations to become the amazing dogs I know they will be. My first two puppies, Tesla and Atira, leave me in a few short hours to begin the next chapter in their lives and while I cannot wait to watch them go on as individuals, I dread not being the one there to watch over and stand by their sides when they need me. Each if these puppies will take a piece of my heart with them, and regardless of how far they travel they will always have a place to call home with me. 

And to the countless ripped socks, car trips, garden explorations, stair climbing, hoover chasing and gate hopping, I will miss counting to ‘seven’ everytime I see you all coming